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SoulCycle, the country's premier full-body indoor cycling studio, will open its second Connecticut location in Westport in Spring 2015.
SoulCycle Westport features a 54-bike studio, home to the signature SoulCycle workout, and an expansive SoulCycle lifestyle boutique, selling SoulCycle's original clothing collection. Additional rider amenities include full men's and women's locker rooms with 4 showers each, multiple bathrooms, a locker area, and onsite parking.
Today, over 10,000 riders take SoulCycle classes everyday to release stress, burn fat, tone muscle, find joy in movement, and change their bodies and lives. The SoulCycle brand experience is high energy, results-oriented, and community based. At SoulCycle, riders engage in high intensity cardio (burning between 500-700 calories in 45-minutes), while also toning their upper bodies using hand weights and core-engaging choreography. The exercise program focuses on rhythm and the "energy of the pack," which creates a strong bond between riders.

374 Post Road E, Westport
Chase Delano - chase.delano@soul-cycle.com

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Chase Delano

Address: 374 Post Road East, Westport, Connecticut 06880
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